Thursday, April 29, 2010

One Wet Day

Last week on Tuesday it was pouring with rain. It was very sad because kids and other people picking up there children had to try and walk home. Some people were lucky because they got to get in a car. But some got soaking wet. I really felt sad for them and some had to wait for the rain to stop before they could make their journey home. It rained for a long time. Were you soaked when there was a down pour of rain? Well I was, sort of. We were screaming and there were LOTS of people who were waiting for the rain to stop. It was like flooding hard out, and I could hear my own shoes squelching as I walked.

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  1. Hi Darius

    I was ABSOLUTELY SOAKED on this day! Khaia and I. BUT.. we loved it !! We splashed in the big puddles all the way home! The trick to it is, soon as you get through the door hit the hot showers! but boy was it fun walking in the rain that day :) Never be scared to walk in the rain it doesn't hurt and its so much FUN!

    Shoals mummy