Friday, July 16, 2010

Just jump in the car and go...

I was suprised. We didn't plan, mum just said "yes". My mum was listening to the radio when she heard one of the radio hosts talking about going to Rotorua. Trying the luge and going up the gondola. I didn't hear that I was too busy playing my PSP. Mum wanted to go to Rotorua to go on the luge again. In the past she came with her friends and they went on the luge. So mum packed our stuff and off we went to Rotorua. When we arrived there, we had to search for a hotel to stay at. The hotel I wanted to stay at was too big so we kept searching and found the Ibis Hotel on Rangiuru Street which was right in the city. My and I unpacked and drove to Skyline Rotorua. The gondola takes you up to the top of Mt Ngongotaha. Before you ride of the luge you have to put a helmet on and wait in line. There are three different tracks you can ride on. I went down the scenic track five times. The other two levels are for intermediate and advanced luge riders. My hands were really sore from holding the handlebars. Here is a video of my short trip.


  1. I love the luge Darius! My family used to go every year to Rotorua and we always made sure to go on the luge! You've had a neat holiday, must be that cool mother of yours! Where's the movie of her on the luge? DId you have races? I bet I know who would have won!

  2. Hi Darius, What a great holiday experience you have had. I love the way you have organised your post with lots of interesting information, helpful links and some cool video footage. Great job :)
    Mrs Burt