Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Weekend Experience

On Saturday 26th June, my mum and I went to the Highland Park cinemas to watch Shrek 4 (Forever After). My favourite part of the movie was watching Puss in Boots. I liked it because Puss in Boots is fat and he can’t do flexible things. Plus his boots can’t fit him anymore. I really like that movie because its different to the other Shrek movies.

The next day I went to Rainbows End with one of my best friend’s Matthais and his cousin. It was freezing cold. We went on the Gold Rush, Invader, Power Surge, Log Flume, Roller Coaster and the Motion Master. After we went toilet we made our way to the games arcade. We played heaps of games like a fighting one. You get tickets from some of the games for prizes. Me, Matthais and his cousin got 74 tickets altogether. But we didn’t spend it. Because we chose to go on the rides first.

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