Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bombing Time

It was a hot day and there was a beach right in front of you what would you do? Obviously the simple choice is to go for a swim and that's what I did. At the first touch with my foot, I felt so relived of the sun heat . Out I into the wide spreaded ocean I began to creep. One foot at a time.

The water began to rise right up next to my neck. I just got to the pontoon, lucky or else I would have been jumping for my life. “Ouch” I screamed in pain my hand scrapped against the back of the steps I think it was the Oysters that were cutting everybody I could see blood pouring out of the wounds that people had

Everybody was crowding on the pontoon the only people who were jumping off were the boys. While the girls just sat at the edge of the pontoon, the pontoon slowly began to drift off turning side ways. One after one we jumped off Miss Garden had said to find a spot to jump off so that nobody gets hurt.

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  1. WOW you had a good holiday i felt like to go to the beach.