Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

Have you ever seen a comet in space? Well this time the comet went straight down our throats. Room 17 and Room 16 made Ice cream comets and it was a real treat.

    The comet that we were making was made out of Ice cream because comets are made out of Ice and other things like dust and gas. We first had to get an Ice cream in the palm of our hands. At the first touch it sent chills down my spine. "Quickly" said Miss Garden, she was harassing me because the Ice cream was oozing out of my fingers like madness. I scurried like a headless Chook and I ran outside trying not to let my comet melt.

    "Excuse me" I said in my politest voice could I have some dust( Don't worry this was n't real dust) this dust was made out of Smashed cookies and with sprinkles too. I asked Mr Somerville for my cone (the cone was representing the tail on a comet)put the cone on and done, now to get some more sprinkles. Every time I slurped off the sprinkles I went to go get some more and some more. When the sprinkles mixed with my Ice cream it made my hands all sticky and icky.

    As we were Demolishing our Ice creams, people were accidentally dropping their comets like bombs bombing the ground on the little ants. Bombvoyaz little ants. People were having to wash their hand after that monstrosity of a mess our bay was a pig sty I also think that our picnic table would have counted as a rubbish dump.   
    That was Awesome seeing everybody having fun including me. Since it was a hot day it was nice to have an Ice cream too.

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