Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tennis Coaching

What sport are you playing when you use a Racket and a ball? Have you guessed? Well if you said Tennis you are right. Our sport that we are focusing on this term is Tennis.

    Professionals I wouldn't mind being one, but I don't know what I would be. For us we had professional Tennis player his name was Marcel. Wonder why Marcel was a Pro when we were doing our skills he was balancing on the side of the racket hitting it up and down, he was counting and he stopped at ten.

    I was amazed at the skills Marcel was preforming I tried to do it, one two three and that was all I could hit. I tried one more time but only got one hit this time. "This is so hard" I thought to my self.

    Now wer'e going to play a game its called King or Queen of the Court. How to play is there is one king the others are the challengers the person who beats the King becomes ruler. It was really fun playing against my friends but when Onosai beat me Marcel said stop and made us do 10 star jumps while, the king did nothing. Next time I won't lose.

    I think that Tennis is a very fun and frustrating sport. But I can't wait until our next session is.

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  1. Hi Darius,
    I can see that you are trying really hard with your writing. It's good to see that you have more and more paragraphs as you write. Remeber to read your writing back to yourself to check that it makes sense because I can see a few that needs fixing!
    Keep practicing your tennis skills, you might be the next Andre Agassi.

    Lots of Love