Monday, April 15, 2013

Term 1 Reflection

Term 1 is finally coming to an end and I can’t wait until the holidays. One of my highlights of the term were going to Tamaki Tech the group that I got put in was the graphics. Mr Pehnada has taught a lot about drawing and art. Over the past couple of weeks we started a project where we had to make up a restaurant name and make a restaurant box.

Another one of my highlights this term was Wacky Hair day, the prefects (including me) had a idea to make a special day where people bring wacky hair and we as prefects judge who had the best hair doo. “Okay anyone who is in years 3-4 please come up on the stage” a heap of little people walked up anxiously looking around the place. “Thank you for coming up now you can go and sit back down” I said my heart rate beating at an accelerating rate.

So over the term many exciting things have happened. But now the big thing that’s happening is Fia Fia is coming up and it’s going to be BIG! Each group has a unique things in everything, I’m in the Niuean group representing my culture. Fia fia will be at the end of the term on the very last day.

I think for next term my goal is I will try to get involved in more things and work harder in class time.

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  1. Hi Darius,
    I'm really glad that you're able to reflect effectively about this term. You and the other prefects did a fantastic job with the Wacky Hair Day. I'm really excited about Fiafia too. Keep up the great work Son.

    Love Mum