Sunday, April 28, 2013

Break Away Holiday Program

“Welcome to the Breakaway Program the next few days I will be your coordinator and for those who don’t know me my name is Mua” he said. If you have nothing to do in the holidays you should head to Gladding Place for some fun. The first thing that we to do was get into four teams, our team leader was Junior. Our team name was ASAP MOB, I came up with that name. The other teams were Nacho Calves, Crood Knight and Team Hype.

Vienna (one of the team leaders) gave us multiple challenges which included team building. One of the first challenges we were tasked with the human knot. Human Knot means you grab someone’s hand opposite in your little group of people. You have to try and free your whole team in a perfect circle.  But the only rule was you weren’t allowed to let go of their hands. Unfortunately our team came last and we didn’t even finish.

My favourite part of the Holiday program was going to Turbo touch at one of the indoor sport center in Manukau. I really enjoyed playing Turbo touch. The rules are you are allowed to pass it in any direction you like, you only get two touches and you have to plant it in the goal line to score a try. In the finals for first and second it was ASAP MOB against Team Hype. We were leading in the first half 4-1 but we lost the lead and they one try it was 5-6.

Last day for Break away was pretty long and boring. We arrived at our destination, Hamilton Zoo. While roaming around at the Zoo we saw a lot of different animals like Tigers, Lima’s, Hunting dogs, Rhinos and we even saw some spider monkeys. The enclosures for each animal were pretty massive especially the Apes. On the way back, I fell asleep and my friends however tried to draw on my face but I covered up with my clothes.

Breakaway program was fun, new and exciting for me because I got to hang out with all my mates. I can’t wait to go back next holidays and I might see you there.

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