Monday, April 8, 2013

First Game Of The Season

Butterflies fluttering around in my stomach anxiously waiting for Te Atatu Roosters to arrive at the club. The weather looking dark grey and cloudy just waiting to rain on us. First game for the season of rugby league was pretty exciting I was on the starting lineup playing second rower. “Okay I want to see mouth guards in you hands no tackles above the armpit” the referee instructed.

“Forwards run the ball!” Our second five Terakia called. Our last man ran the ball and made 15 meters, I took the next run up and then the other second rower. “Try” the ref said this was our 2nd try and it was halftime. “Backs you need to set your line better forwards need to drive through the middle of the defence” our coach instructed us.

Our last man Denzel scored a hat trick with 3 runaway try’s we were winning by far the score was 36-10 . I took another run this time I ran into the maker. One point in the game I made a run but this little guy tried to tackle my legs instead got kneed in the face I felt sorry for him because he got up crying. Most of the game I was on defense and trying to tackle them.

Just before end of the game the 2nd five Terakia chipped the ball over the defense and the winger Jacob dived on it. The ref called no try because she couldn't see the ball being planted. The score at the end of the game was 36-10 to us. After the game I was really thankful that the game was finished and over because I really wanted to go home and play games.

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