Friday, May 10, 2013

Meeting An Amazing Person

Butterflies fluttering around waiting for the unknown guest to arrive. Today was the day that a celebrity came to our school and gave a anonymous donation to the Manaiakalani Trust. Cars were pulling up and lots of medium built guys were in tuxedos with each of them wearing earpieces. I was shocked when I found out who was coming. My mum knew but she wasn't allowed to tell me.

As the cars pulled up the guest came, it was WILL.I.AM he was the surprise visitor that was coming to give the donation. WILL.I.AM it was unimaginable to actually see him in real life. I greeted him with a simple “Hello” and shook his hand. As we headed into the hall everybody started to open their mouths in awe as WILL.I.AM entered. The cameras were blinding me as they all flashed.

After escorting him to his seat we walked back to sit down. Once our kapahaka and Hip Hop group finished performing, WILL.I.AM shared a very inspirational speech with us. He talked about how he grew up and his family were poor. He really wanted to help out his mum when he was younger. WILL.I.AM is a very humble man, he shows a lot of leadership skills in raising money for charity. He was also wearing some really cool boots.We finished the hour off singing to WILL.I.AM our school song Strive To Succseed.

Fortunately the whole school had left back to their daily routine again and the hall was almost empty. Interviews were everywhere, people asking WILL.I.AM questions. Some of the media people were interviewing prefects as well. I was interviewed five times by many well-known media like ZM radio station, Erin Simpson show and a bunch of other people. I didn't get a chance to see it on t.v or listen to it on the radio. However, lots of my friends and family me on the t.v again!

I think that WILL.I.AM is an amazing person. He has sold albums all over the world and one of his albums went platinum in New Zealand, he is associated with the Hallenstein Brothers which is incredible. I hope next time he comes, he is able to perform for us.
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  1. Great post Darius. I think Will.I.Am is an amazing man going back to school to study too. Keep up the wonderful writing.

    Love Mum