Monday, May 20, 2013

Report Eggs

The egg is a big part in our daily diet which people eat two and half million a day. The egg is most known for its protein it also has a lot of different vitamins like vitamin A,D,E. Its yolk is the part of the egg which holds most of the nutrition while the white part only gives protein. There is also no difference between the white and brown. Most of our eggs are from caged hens. Other eggs are produced from free range eggs and barn eggs.

Caged Hens:
Caged hens have six hens per cage which means they only have room to stand, sit and turn around. The hens have never seen daylight and have never had a chance to run around. Caged hens are fed colouring agents to colour the yolk. Caged hens also have to eat a lot of calcium in their feed to keep their bones strong.

Free Range Eggs:
Free range hens have a lot more space and are fed with natural things like grass, bugs and worms. The hens are also able to dust bath, perch, run around and flap their wings. The farmer provides shade for the birds so that predators like Eagles won’t hunt them.   

Types Of Eggs:
Eggs can be scrambled, poached and boiled. Scramble is when the egg the egg is put in the pan with a cup of milk. Poached however you cook in water with salt in it and boiled is cook it in the shell of the egg in boiled water.

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  1. Hey Darius,

    Caged hens are a bit of a sad life. I hope you have tried to convince your parents to buy from free-range eggs.

    Whats your favourite way of cooking eggs? Mine's either scrambled or in an omlette with bacon and cheese YUM :)

    Verry informative piece of writing :)
    Keep it up, Mr. Hutchings