Monday, May 27, 2013

Obesity Report

Obesity in America:

America is the leading country in obesity statistics. Many people in America have a bad diet.  60 million people in America are obese are at the age of 20. Nine million children and teens are obese in the USA as well.

Unhealthy diets:
Obesity is caused by eating too much junk food and not doing enough exercise. There’s a restaurant in America called the Heart Attack Grill where they sell burgers where they’re triple patties and quadruple patties in one burger. The spokesperson of the restaurant died from a heart attack.  A lot of American food is really unhealthy.

Problems from obesity :
Obesity causes major health problems like heart attacks, heart disease and diabetes. They can sometimes lose limbs because of the weight and the pressure on their joints. Obese people also have short breath when walking around the house and also have bad knee problems. Obese people do have a lack of mobility to move around because of their weight and size.  

Death from obesity:
The number of estimated deaths from obesity around the world is 300,000 deaths per year. Obesity causes a lot of people to have a shorter life time. People who are obese have to have bigger coffins that can hold their weight instead of a normal coffin. Obesity can affect life as well as death.

An easy way to avoid becoming obese is to eat less junk food and exercising daily. Having a healthy diet will also help to avoid obesity.

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  1. Good points Darius. I think people need to check what they are eating before they eat it. These days, there are lots of foods that have been processed and is not good for us. I also think that there are lot of access to unhealthy fast food that is cheap and easy for people to get too. Keep learning son.

    Love Mum