Monday, October 21, 2013

Volley Ball

“Control the ball!” Mr Barks instructed. My heart was pounding, I had no idea what to do? The ball was served the three front line were Starford, Kingston P, Jesiah. Starford bumped the ball, Jesiah set it and Kingston Spiked it onto the girls side. “Whee” Mr Barks whistled and pointed his arm out to our side.

I had never played Volley before which made it harder for me. We had our first practise with the people who made it past the first trials. The group who made the cut were Starford, Jesiah, Kingston P, Hosanna, Dillon, Tana, Raenan, Richard and me. Practice was intense for me, because I had never really played before. To be honest I just copied what the boys around me.

As the game went on I eventually got better, I knew how to set the ball but I was nervous about my dig. We rotated again and I was in the middle, front row. I had sweat dripping down my face the ball was coming my way I set the ball and it went to Hosanna and he hit it over the net.

My favourite thing in Volleyball is spiking the ball onto the other court. Spiking if you don’t know what that means it’s you make contact with the ball and with alot of force. But one thing I don’t like is if you touch the net it’s an instant point for the other team.

One reason why I enjoy this sport is because it’s not to hard on your body and it’s not to easy. Another reason is I barely play the sport as well. I hope to keep playing this kind of sport as well.  Here is a Volleyball clip.

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