Saturday, September 28, 2013

Massive Camp 2013

“Hey are you coming to Massive camp?” Carla asked. I replied “ Yup!” Massive Camp is an annual church event, people aged 10-13 come together and learn about how God can impact your life. The time had finally arrived we were all on the bus squashed like tuna in a can. We were heading down to Ngaruawahia. The ride down was horrible it was so packed with bags everywhere I looked. a

Finally we arrived and got set up in our own cabins, I was in cabin 11 with most of my mates. The first night we were watching movies on a laptop which our cabin leader brought along with him. Waking up was hard because of the time we went to sleep was about one in the morning.

One of my highlights was the water slide that was there, it was so fun and yet so cold. “Ohhh” As I sped down, looking at the mini pool and then I knew I should've prepared first. “ARGGHH” The water was so cold it felt as cold as ice.  Every time, you would enter the mini pool at the end it froze every part of your body.

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