Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Narrative Writing Jungle

My memory slowly came back to me. What happened was so fast and I couldn’t react. Heat immediately surrounded my face. I looked around as sparks flew out of the engine of the machine. Oil leaked, flowing closer and closer towards the fire. An ugly premonition filled my head and I immediately knew I had to get out of there.

I stood up, and felt a sharp pain shoot up my leg. Instantly I fell back onto the ground, leaves and twigs that filled the ground. Helplessly I crawled but every time I moved my leg hurt even more. I grabbed a branch pulling with all my might trying to get as far as I could.

“Boom!” The plane exploded and bits of metal flew across and hit my leg. My ears pierced as I screamed. My body was covered in scratches and burns. Lying there my eye’s slowly started to lower, but I tried to stay awake. I kept crawling toward a tree and grabbed a long piece of wood and wrapped it around his leg

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