Monday, November 18, 2013

My Friends

Trouble, its a word that can describe my friends. Alot of my friends are troublemakers but all of them are fun to hang out with. I’ve been with my friends ever since Room 11 (Year 3). Ever since then we’ve all been friends, so of us have left for others schools as well.

When the bell rang we would all rush out to the fields, excitement rushed through as we were all keen to play. “Touch! It’s final!” Raenan called out. The ball soared in the air, out of no where Starford grabbed the ball and scored the try! “Briiiing!” the bell rang, we all walked back to class holding our shoes.

Even though sometimes we would have beef, in the end we would always end up being friends. In year 6 all of us started to split up because we were in different classes. Going into the intermediate school, even though we were split up we were all still tight. My mains are Waata, Crusader, Samuela, Raenan, James, Starford, Kendrix, Kingston L and P. All of these guy’s are my main friends.

This year (Year 8) were all tight. All of us still do the same thing playing touch, making jokes. We can mock each other but in the end were all still friends. Alot of us are going to different colleges and we probably won’t see each other ever again. Which is why we make the most of the time were still at Pt England school.

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