Wednesday, September 25, 2013

D.L.O World War 2 (Made by Kingston, Darius, Raenan)

World War 2 K,R,D from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

In our D.L.O we were trying to show that world war 2 was a massacre to the people that were involved in the War. A lot people didn’t return to their country they were either lost in action, or killed. What we learnt from this event was that a lot of people were trying to fight for their own countries.

What I thought was positive was that we had finally finished our D.L.O. (Wasn’t on time though, but we had acting for production) We had good animations and a good voice over. We worked together well as a team, we got out tasks finished as well. Our sound track was a good suit for our movie.
What I thought that wasn’t good is that sometimes we would go off task and sometimes not focus on our main objective. Another Minus was that we didn’t finish the D.L.O on time.  We could have focused more on our Storyboard and involved more acting as well.  I think we should show more drama instead next time.

What I found was interesting is that World war 2 was so big that the events that we chose was the starting of World War 2 and the ending. Another thing that was interesting was we finished the movie.

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