Monday, September 16, 2013

Eastern Zone Basketball

Drips of sweat, overwhelmed my face as we headed to the ASB Stadium getting ready to play Basketball. Finally we arrived at the stadium, we headed inside. My eyes adjusted to the light and saw that there were a lot of teams scattered around. We set our bags down and had our first game in about 5 minutes.

Walking slowly down the stairs the pressure started to build as we headed out on to the courts. “Okay the starting team jump on” Mr Barks instructed. We were up against St Thomas and then when we were ready the ref blew the whistle. “I got him!” Raenan shouted. St Thomas had the possession and their PG (Point Guard) moved the ball up the court he drove to the basket and drew the foul.

Fortunately we won the first game, I squirted water in my mouth and instantly felt refreshed. My legs were running up and down the court trying to stop the ball from going in our hoop. It was halftime and we were winning by a large amount of points. By the end of the game we had beaten them. So we had won both of our games and only had one team left to beat.

Parnell hopped onto the court they looked like they were ready. Starford won the tip off and we started with the ball first. Raenan our PG brought the ball up, he drove to the basket and scored the first two points. Half time we were losing and unfortunately we did end up with a loss.

We didn’t make it to the playoffs but if we had won our last game we would have gone to the playoffs. So we placed 3rd out of our pool. I had a really good experience playing Basketball, I want to keep playing as well.


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  2. Great writing Darius, it was very descriptive and the variety of sentences you used helped. It wasn't the end result your team wanted but you all did amazingly well. I'm really proud of you for trialling and making the team. You are so talented my Son.

    Love you