Monday, April 12, 2010

First game of the season

"1,2,3 Leopards!" Hi, I play for Otahuhu Rugby League Club Under 10s. On Saturday 10th April it was the kick start to the all junior league games here in Auckland. We played against the Otara Mustangs. We beat them by four tries thats not bad for the first game. Here is some footage from my game.


  1. Hi Darius

    Looks like you're having a busy holiday! and looks fun too. Thank you for your comment on my page.

    from shoal

  2. I love this post Darius. What a wonderful collection of memories you are creating here. Was this a scary team to play? I can see some boys who look VERY big for under 10s!!! Congratulations on your win.
    Mrs Burt

  3. Dear Darius,
    My name is Katie and I am in EDM 310 class here at the University of South Alabama! I loved your post about your Rugby game! Congratulations on your first win of the first season! Keep up the great work!

    You can check out my blog at

  4. Hi Darius,
    Congratulations on your first win for the season. It looked like a good game. Did you get any of the tries?? Good luck for the rest of your games. I love how you have been posting in the holidays Darius. It is fun reading about the things you have been getting up to. Well done.
    Ms Squires

  5. Hi Katie

    Thanks for the congrats on my game we weren't that good because we were bad. We keep dropping the ball and other stuff. Our second game we lost.( pretty stink aye).

    From Darius