Friday, April 9, 2010

Pool Table in the Holidays

Have you played pool? Well it all started when I went to church at kids programme. I was playing pool table with my friends and ever since I've been hooked. I like to play it almost every day if my mum would let me. We go up to the spacie parlour up in Manukau across from the old movie theatre. It only costs $1. Here is my movie showing you how well I play so far.


  1. What a cool post Darius! I think this is the first time I have read about playing pool on a Pt England student's blog. You are already way better at pool then me - unless you did some cunning editing of curse ;) Keep up the pool AND the writing. Mrs Burt

  2. Thank you mrs Burt

    I think that if you practice you will be better then me. Plus i haven't even played in a long time. Anyway I want to thank you that you have been putting lots and lots of comments on my blog.

    From Darius