Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trip to Rangitoto Island

We got there and the view was breath taking. Have you travelled on a ferry? Well today I am travelling to Rangitoto. When we got on the boat I was full of excitement. We were sitting on the 3rd level which is on top of the ferry. When we got there we got to sit in seats while the tractor towed us around on a tour of Rangitoto. The driver stopped near some stairs and said “The summit is all the way up there”. “Three hundred and sixty five steps” he said. But I didn’t hear I was too busy walking up the stairs, it was a long way having to walk all the way. Then we had to go back to our seats. We had another stop near these piles of volcanic rocks. It was all kinds of shapes. Then I could feel something wet touch my face. Oh no! It’s raining, we all had to get back into our seats. But it eventually stopped and we got to go to the beach. I wrote my name in the sand. Finally we had lunch and got on the boat and went home.


  1. Aren't you lucky to have walked up Rangitoto Darius. I bet it was hard work climbing up. Did you manage to make it to the top? We were hoping that our whole school coud go on a trip there but it was going to cost too much, so luckily we have you to tell us all about it. Did you get to see some of the volcanic rocks that still looked like lava flowing? I think I remember seeing that when I last went there, but it was such a very long time ago. (Actually it was when Matua Wyllis and I had our honeymoon after we got married).
    Anyway good on you for keeping us so informed. Keep up the great blogging. I love hearing about all the things you get up to!!
    Ms Squires

  2. You are very lucky and I also wished I went but I think it would be fun if you spended time with your family. From Dante.