Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shout Easter Weekend

Do you go to church? I went to our church conference called Shout. It was held at the Aotea Centre during the long weekend. When I went to the kids programme, I wanted to play pool with the other boys. But the next day, I finally got to play because that was my first time. At the Shout conference we had this preacher called Reggie Dabbs. He travels the world and tells lots of people about God and his Son Jesus. It was funny because he used lots of jokes and he was good at playing the saxophone too. The songs he played on his saxophone were very cool. I liked Reggie Dabbs, he’s a cool guy. This is a short clip of him playing the saxophone.


  1. Hey Darius that's so cool you enjoyed shout! You're a really clear writer that gets straight to the point too! I love it, it's a skill you know-clever guy.

  2. This is so cool Darius! You are a awesome writer too.

  3. Jasmine RichardsonApril 19, 2010 at 7:31 PM

    Hey Darius,
    Awesome blog, wow the things that you get to do at school these days aye. Good work!Thats so cool that you loved Shout and really enjoyed Reggie Dabbs too. All the best for your studies Darius!!

  4. Hi Darius - man you're so cool! What an awesome blog! You're so clever - real proud of you man - keep up the good work buddy!!