Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jungle World Mini Golf

Click on the picture above to find out more about this place.

Do you like playing golf? Well I don’t because I have to roll around everywhere. My job is to try and get in the hole by the golfer. He hits me and Im suppose to go in to the hole. When I get to the difficult holes, I really hate it because it takes long. Plus you have to roll around too much. When me and my golfer got to the 18th hole I hopped off the course and landed in the pond and drowned. From this day on, I am still waiting for someone to come and grab me out of there. Here's my movie.


  1. Hi Darius,
    I am surprised you hate mini-golf because that looked like lots of fun. I've never been to Jungle World but watching your video and reading about what you did really makes me want to go!! Did you make the tune that went along with your video?? I thought that sounded really good too.
    Great work Darius

  2. Hi Darius, Great post - I love the way you wrote from the perspective of the golf ball. VERY clever! I know that everytoime I visit your blog I am in for something interesting to read and watch. You are becoming a blogging star! Mrs Burt

  3. Thank you Miss Burt for your comment I really enjoy blogging.

    from Darius

  4. Hi Darius,

    good job I realy liked the way you did your anamiton and the story you wrote

  5. WOW! Darius it sounds like you hade a great time and i hope next time i will comment on your blog. Keep up the good work. from Dante.

  6. WOW! Darius Nice work I wish I could go to Mini golf. Will you tack me?
    if you did what will your mum do will she come.