Monday, May 23, 2011

Swimming for the first time

“Oh no” another length “man it is so tiring doing a length” I said to Waata
with exhaustion. Then it was my turn again it seemed so fast but this
time I felt alright because I listened to Mr Marks and his tips to help
me swim.

Waiting in the line to do another length was so cool because me and Waata were playing games Waata was winning and then I finally won my first game. I said “Oh yeah”.

“Hmmm” I thought to my self “Should I go into the big pool or the medium pool”. I decided to stay in the medium pool but then my Teacher Miss garden started to point at people showing them to the big pool then she pointed to me.

I nervously thought that that the pool was going to be cold but to my surprise it was pretty warm when I stuck my feet in. We had to sit on the edge of the pool and we had to move it was sore for my thighs.

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