Monday, May 30, 2011

Rugby League-a fresh start!

"Come on boys, tackle!" I shouted panting , panting and panting. I kept running but my legs were about to fall off. Then I thought about what mum said "Keep going and drive your legs".
This year, I'm playing for Richmond Bulldogs. Mum and I were deciding whether to stay with the Otahuhu Leopards or go to a different team. I decided to go to another team and I chose the Richmond Bullodgs. It's the club my dad use to play for and I was going to play rugby for Tamaki Marist but they didn't get back to us. Some of the boys that I play with are Rona,Denzel, Jessie,Levi and David.

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  1. Well done Darius. It wasn't easy changing to a new team but I'm glad you're comfortable and getting to know the boys at Richmond. What are your goals for this year while playing league? Keep improving Son and always do your best.

    Love Mum