Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Marble track Challenge part 2

Miss Ouano had instructed the whole class to get into groups with 3 people. “Hmmmm” I wonder what it is about. Then Miss answered my question.

The challenge was to construct a marble travel down hill and with at least a turn our tools were 6 pieces, 1 meter cello tape and scissors.

Our group was thinking about a lot of ways to construct our item but sadly all our ideas seemed to have collapsed. We made a lot of gutters but still we could not think of ideas time was running out and then we had to stop.

I think I tried my hardest in trying to help our group construct it but it never worked. We didn’t finish but we tried our best.

I will roll up 4 tubes and also roll 2 stands to keep our construction steady and stable. Then Starford is going to divide our cello tape in to 9 pieces to stick the tubes together.Gabriel will cut the holes in the tubes so that we can put the other tubes together.

First we halved some of our papers to make our papers shorter because the papers were to long. Then we got one of our strips of cello tape to tape it to the table. Gabriel taped the tube to the table and then cut a hole in the tube so that we could stick the other tube in.

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  1. Excellent writing! You boys did a good job of constructing the marble track!